Vertical Variations

  • Release date: 20-Jan-2009
  • Label: Vertical

  1. Play
    fea. Aidan O'Rourke

    Bah Humbug (Dare to Diddle Mix)

  2. Play
    fea. Rosin Elsafty

    Roisin Dubh (Mysterious Mix)

  3. Play
    fea. Harem Scarem

    Slippery (Slipper Gig mix)

  4. Play
    fea. James Grant

    Give the Poppy to the People (Drop the Bomb Mix)

  5. Play
    fea. Alyth McCormack

    Mhicshiridh (Silent Brother Mix)

  6. Play
    fea. John McSherry & Donal O'Connor

    Sean McGuire's (Eigghead Mix)

  7. Play
    fea. Roisin Elsafty

    Eleanor a Run (Simple Mix)

  8. Play
    fea. Amy Geddes

    Far O'Er Struay (Pathhead Mix)

  9. Play
    fea. Ross Ainslie & Jarlath Henderson

    Break (Fairly Funky Mix)

  10. Play
    fea. Monica Queen

    Fly Away (Frequent Flyer Mix)

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