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From the blog

The Animotion Show at the National Museum/Fridays at The Argyle Bar in Marchmont/Solfest.

Dolphin Boy is performing in The Animotion Show at the back of the National Museum from 2nd – 14th August, 6pm.

He will also be playing a regular DJ set at The Argyle Bar in Marchmont every Friday from 9pm (except for Fri 26th when he`ll be playing at Solfest)

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  1. admin - August 9, 2016 8:37 pm

    The Animotion Show is amazing, you should all go and see/hear/experience it.
    It is a joy to watch Maria Rud paint onto the lightbox, and to see the colours and images develop and evolve slowly, with a dream-like quality, projected onto the big screen.
    The music is composed for the Animotion Show by the versatile and inimitable David Heath and DJ Dolphin Boy.
    Dolphin’s stunningly sweeping and immersive piece in the middle of the show starts with samples of Maria Rud late mother’s violin performance weaved in, and there’s live instrumentation by Dolphin and David Heath throughout, creating an engrossing soundscape, dark and beautiful, blending together as fluidly as the colours on the screen.

    The Animotion Show is on every day at 6pm till the 14th, at the BACK of the museum, so the entrance to the venue is up from Paradise Palms, towards the tunnel. It’s a Gilded Balloon venue.



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