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From the blog

Why I’m supporting the Soundhouse project

I am delighted and honoured to offer any support I can to the Soundhouse project. Over the last few years it has become increasingly difficult for musicians and artists to make a living and to find outlets for their work in Edinburgh. The financial crisis and the changes in the way people access music are partly responsible for this but I believe an indifferent council and the belief that culture can be imported to Edinburgh for one month of the year have also played a part. Grassroots culture is alive in Edinburgh but it is not kicking and we desperately need a venue like the Soundhouse. I fully support the aims and aspirations of the Soundhouse project and would urge anyone who doesn’t want bankers and accountants as the sole arbiters of taste to do the same.

Check out the flyer for the first gig here and find out how to book tickets at my gigs page


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