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From the blog

Animotion goes architectural

Dark Matter – A time lapse condensed version of the AniMotion process. from Ross Ashton on Vimeo.

There was a palpable sense of awe attached to the first Animotion collaboration with Ross Ashton last week. Ross has created a way of mapping Maria’s live art work directly onto architecture which brought a whole new dimension to the project. Previously artist Maria Rud has projected her images onto a screen.

If you are wondering, Dolphin Boy’s involvement in the project was to provide music in collaboration with classical flautist and composer David Heath, and singer Fay Fife (of The Rezillos). Check out the clip to get a feel of the show, and follow the link for more information.

There will be more performances of the show coming soon. Check out Dolphin Boy’s gig page for more information (when we have it!).

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